eine Tasse Tee trinken

found a cup of tea that i wouldn’t mind drinking for the mid-term. what if i spill it? what if i drop the teacup? how does one become a good tea drinker?

i don’t like caffeine. but i like all other stimulants

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\soar and swoop\transgressive\

when i look back, all i remember are the exhilarating moments with the people in my life. i think that if i have known a person and felt that exhilaration at least once, felt my heart skip a beat during that very exact moment, it matters not how the friendship/relationship goes, it was worth knowing that person, just for that very one moment, doing exactly what i wanted. but for that one moment of exhilaration, sometimes too much pain follows. in the true spirit of hedonism, is pain requisite for pleasure? or is pleasure not feeling pain? is that pleasure value-for-pain (sic)? should this fear of pain be a stumbling block to pleasure? should it ever be a consideration? Continue reading

into the looking glass

Back then, I always imagined myself to be Snow White, and when I grew up, everything would be rosy. Now that I’m a grown-up Snow White, the scars still hurt, the memories still sting, and I am still in fear.

I still can’t breathe or think when I meet the ghosts of childhood. No words can describe the feeling of holding back the floodgates; that feeling before it all becomes overwhelming.