sometimes i look into the mirror and do a little soul-searching…

i question myself and wish i knew the reasons why i am at times materialistic, selfish, vapid, ugly, and downright contradictory as a person.

i really need to evaluate my life and make more changes… but maybe after Europe when i satisfy my useless materialistic desires. i don’t know why i feel so much guilt for wanting to do things that everybody around me indulges in.

i want to become an improved version of myself, but i just haven’t gotten to the root of the problem and gutted it out… yet.

i don’t think i could do the dating thing again, until i sort out myself. i really want to be the bestest i can be. just maybe toting a cabas rive gauche tote, dammit.


impatient life

thought i wouldn’t be excited planning holidays, but it turns out that i am.

Dec – Jan Feb Mar – Apr
Phuket Sydney
Launceston – Camping
Yarra Valley

5 new cities, and many more jumpshots. i was initially feeling zzz about going to Europe with my ex-boyfriend friend, but i’ve realized it could be so much fun.

i guess the star trip will be Australia. i still don’t know if i will annoy the hell out of my friend while camping, but i don’t mind being out of my comfort zone. soft spot alert: Australia.

life is too short to not live on impulse.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” – David Mitchell

i still haven’t met myself, ‘cept catch a fleeting glance of my doppelgänger in Amsterdam ages ago.